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Mex Individual

$300 Annually

  • Active member certificate.

  • Discounts for events such as seminars, conferences, networking, etc.

  • Active member card valid for discounts at participating locations.

  • Exposure of your business cards or flyers at the chamber offices and additional events.

  • Discounts on tables for events with allies or festivals.

  • Invitation to Ribbon -Cutting

Mex Premier

$600 Annually

  • Active member certificate.

  • Attendance at events free of charge for up to 2 people, discount for more than 3 attendees (Seminars, conferences, networking, etc.).

  • Social media publications.

  • 50% discount on space for your business at chamber premier events.

  • Active member card valid for discounts at participating locations.

  • Access to job postings and closed groups on Social Media.

  • Invitation to ribbon cutting ceremonies.

Mex Elite

$1,000 Annually

  • Active member certificate.

  • Attendance at events free of charge for up to 4 people, discount for more than 5 attendees (Seminars, conferences, networking, among other events).

  • Social media publications from the chamber and events jointly with other allies.

  • Your business logo on the website of the Mexican Chamber of Commerce and event flyers with external parties.

  • Your business logo on brochures and promotional events.

  • Free space for your business at chamber premier events (Festivals)

  • Active member card valid for discounts at participating locations.

  • Access to job postings.

  • Business referrals with companies allied to the Chamber.

  • Access to hold conferences at our facilities for presentations or business meetings including the use of projectors, conference rooms, and central office for B2B meetings.

  • Public notary services and assistance in filling out documentation for any necessary procedures.

  • Welcome event as recognition and advertising for your business through our social networks and websites.

  • You will be added to the business email blast newsletter which will be sent weekly to different databases, sharing information about your business and aiding in promoting it to future local and international clients.

  • Invitation to local business openings to participate in ribbon-cutting ceremonies.

  • 7 complete marketing campaigns, with full access to all our members and business community, using our email listings, website, and social media platforms.

  • Customized advocacy services to support or debate laws or initiatives affecting members' businesses.

  • Permanent logo presence is prominently displayed on the Chamber's homepage and newsletter, event invitations, and electronic publications.

  • Preferred VIP access and pricing to all events, workshops, and programs of the OMCC.

  • Access to participation in non-executive councils.

  • Ribbon Cutting Ceremonies.

Mex Corporate Chamber

Corporate Members

$10,000 Annually

  • Your company's logo will be placed on the OMCC website with a link to your website, providing visibility to visitors.

  • Social Media Highlights for Members your business will be highlighted in a dedicated space on social media, allowing for greater exposure.

  • Content for this highlight should be provided by the OMCC member.

  • Business Matchmaking Events priority access to virtual and in-person business matchmaking events hosted by the OMCC, facilitating networking and business opportunities.

  • Networking Opportunities opportunity to present your business to representatives from a variety of supplier diversity networks of Corporate Associate Members of the OMCC, subject to availability.

  • Newsletter Highlights your company will be featured in the OMCC newsletter 10 times a year, providing increased exposure to a wide audience.

  • Advocacy Support support in advocacy efforts involving members of Congress, the Administration, and other government officials on a case-by-case basis.

  • Registration and Training Benefits free registration to OMCC business matchmaking events, the Condusef training program, Dreambuilder, and  programs for National Life Group's LifeChanger of the Year, an annual program funded and run by National Life Group and its Foundation, recognizes and rewards K-12 educators and school employees from around the country.

  • Supplier Diversity Database automatic placement in the OMCC supplier diversity reference database, enhancing visibility and potential partnerships.

  • Access to OMCC programs and initiatives aimed at strengthening established Mexican business members in the United States and working in conjunction with chambers of commerce in Mexico to implement the development of both countries.

  • Live technical assistance for loan applications and other federal programs, providing support to navigate these business opening processes in the United States and Mexico in collaboration with banks allied with the OMCC and the SBA (Small Business Administration).

  • Participation in the Legislative Summit three free registrations to the annual Legislative Summit of the OMCC, offering networking and advocacy opportunities with government authorities.

  • Ribbon Cutting Ceremonies.

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